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Something bugging you? Feeling stuck? Why Counselling fixes problems.

Counselling Brisbane: If a part of your life is getting you down and things don’t appear to be changing for the better, then it is probably time to make lasting changes in your life that actually work. We are only on this planet for a short time and we have just one chance at life so it is important to be happy and free from negative behaviours and unhealthy habits.

Being stuck can be frustrating, annoying and disheartening as we see our lives pass us by because of negative and unhelpful behaviours getting us into trouble and stopping us reaching our full potential.

As we get older we become more aware of our problems and our negative Behaviours. If we do not address these issues then we might find ourselves leading unhappy, unfulfilling and disappointing lives full of unhealthy habits, time-wasting and an overall sense that we have failed to live up to our true potential or live our lives to the full.

Problematic behaviours, personal and life issues should be treated with the same level of openness as physical health and fitness. This is reflected in my counselling service. Booking a therapy session can be your first step to making major positive changes in your life. While there are many different Brisbane counselling services to choose from, my modern, results focused, psychological approach has a proven track record of success.

You are not alone.

A hugely significant proportion of Brisbane’s population struggles with issues such as drinking, gambling, being unhappy, frustration, lack of direction and lack of motivation.

I have now seen over 3,000 counselling clients in Brisbane from professional athletes to tradies to politicians to business owners to council workers and many of the problems seem to be nearly identical despite age, salary, job or gender.

Stop avoiding your problems

If you are drinking too much, binge watching TV shows, over eating or gambling a lot then you are probably avoiding the problems with your life.

These avoidant behaviours will give you escape at first as they help you to forget life’s issues.

  • A bottle of wine after work once in a while will help you forget the frustration that your career is giving you.
  • Grabbing takeaway on the way home might make you forget about the stress and sadness in your life for a short while.
  • Gambling might help you escape from the frustration of your life not going the way you had hoped
  • Watching porn might help mask the lack of happiness in your relationship for a while.

Avoidant behaviours are a short term fix

Forgetting about the problems that you are unhappy about by doing something else can actually help for a while.

However, if you begin to rely on things like drinking, watching too much tv or smoking pot to help you forget about how your life isn’t as great as it could be, then these behaviours become problems in their own right.

Can’t put your finger on what is wrong with your life?

So, what if you realise that you are overweight because you drink or eat too much or that you can’t stop drinking on nights out with friends BUT you feel that everything is going alright with your life?

Well, then it is time to look deeper. If you can’t find out what the underlying issue is then it is time to invest in some counselling as professional counsellors are trained to look for underlying life issues.

Put simply, if you are doing too much of an unhealthy habit then there is something wrong with your life. If you don’t know what it is then it is time to start therapy or you will continue to become increasingly addicted to your avoidant behaviours and it could ruin your health, your career, your relationships, your finances and, most importantly, your self esteem.

So, if you can’t put your finger on what is wrong with you, then it is time to contact a reputable local counsellor, psychologist or social worker and start the process of getting happiness back into your life. COme and visit my friendly and welcoming Brisbane counselling clinic and start the journey to happiness today.

What can I do to be happy, content and to make my life better?

Does counselling really work?

Need Counselling? Book a counselling session today with top Brisbane counsellor. This Brisbane Counsellor gets results fast. Change your life now.

Lacking direction? Feeling stuck? Struggling with gambling or alcohol? Fed up with your job or struggling with issues from your past? Therapy will help you. It won’t take more than a few sessions to make big improvements in the way you think, feel and behave.

Book a session today by emailing me via the secure and confidential online form or simply give me a ring on (07) 3217 5738and we can get the ball rolling.

Located at Amima’s Brisbane counselling centre in Paddington, I have conducted over 3,000 sessions and has the reviews from clients to vouch for my solution focused approach using a modern, straight talking and evidence based type of therapy that really works and gets results fast.

Experienced and Professional Brisbane Counsellor

Booking a counselling session at one of Brisbane’s best counselling services is easy. Simply click here to make a booking or call (07) 32175738. You won’t regret it.

Finding the right Brisbane counsellor is very important and if this service isn’t the right for you then I will happily recommend a different counsellor using his extensive professional counselling network.

Results Focused Counselling Brisbane That Really Works

I use my experience along with the experiences of his clients to develop practical, effective and personalised treatment plans for people seeking counselling in Brisbane.

There are many counselling services in Brisbane so why choose me as your counsellor? Well, firstly I get results. Read some of the reviews from my satisfied clients or look on my google page by searching for Brisbane counselling. You will notice that I have a five star rating as a top Brisbane counsellor.

Booking is easy as no doctor referral is needed so you can get a counselling appointment within days of making contact. I even cater for counselling sessions outside or working hours.

Booking a counselling session at one of Brisbane’s best counselling services is easy. Simply click here to make a booking or call (07) 32175738. You won’t regret it.

Why choose this Brisbane counselling centre?

I am located at Amima’s Brisbane counselling centre on Latrobe Terrace in Paddington where there is heaps of free on street parking. The counselling centre is a warm, friendly and discreet building on the corner of Bernhard Street and it is right outside the City Glider bus stop so public transport is a breeze. The building is an old cottage converted into a counselling centre housing several practitioners as well as chiropractors and another therapist. Check out my Google page for more information.

Photo of Amima's Brisbane counselling centrePhoto of Amima's Brisbane counselling centre's waiting room.

When things get out of hand

Drinking, constantly checking social media or aimless web surfing, staying up late binge-watching TV shows, gambling, watching porn, smoking pot, taking ecstasy, shopping and eating too much junk food might help you escape life’s pressures and problems for a while. However, as the years pass by you could become physically or mentally addicted to your once relaxing avoidant behaviours.

What are your avoidant behaviours?

We all practice avoidance to some extent. It only becomes a problem when we do it too much and actually fail to discover and fix what the underlying problems are.

It is time for you to take responsibility for your own life and genuinely have a look at yourself and realistically look at your habits and coping strategies to see if they are getting out of hand and stopping you dealing with the negative things in your life.

What are you avoiding?

There are countless things that you could be avoiding in your life that is steering you towards unhappiness and even midlife crisis.

Luckily I can help you here as I have conducted thousands of counselling sessions in Brisbane so I have a very good grasp on the main reasons why people are in therapy and what their underlying problems are.

It is relatively easy for many people to be aware of their negative, destructive and avoidant behaviours as the signs can be easy to see on a regular basis such as empty bank accounts, hangovers and disorganisation.

For those who just feel unhappy with life and go and see a Brisbane counsellor then they usually find some subtle avoidant behaviours that have little financial impact or impact on their health. These might be simply going to the gym twice-a-day, watching too much television or getting constantly lost in fiction novels rather than doing what they need to do.

Regardless of what your avoidant behaviour is, or how much impact it is having on your life, there will be an underlying issue.

What if you have no bad habits?

Some people don’t have any major avoidant behaviours and just feel a huge lack of motivation, sleeping too much, lack social interaction and often feel sad. For these people there will often be an underlying mental health issue such as depression.

Luckily, like avoidant, compulsive, obsessive and addictive behaviours, depression can be treated and the underlying cause can be found and dealt with using psychological techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, mindfulness and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

How will counselling help?

Firstly, counselling will help you get things off your chest in a neutral, non-judgemental, discreet and safe environment conducive to positive change. Basically, once you come to counselling and share with your therapist what problems you are facing in life and what is getting you down then you will quickly start to feel some improvement.

Secondly, psychotherapy will provide you with the environment where you can get to know yourself better with your counsellor helping you to identify all of you most difficult negative patterns. Once these behavioural patterns have been identified you will b e ready for make positive changes.

Thirdly, counselling will help you manage your negative behaviours by finding options and tools that will help you to make some immediate changes.

Fourthly, counselling will help you explore the psychological issues causing your current problems. Once these underlying causes have been identified then work can begin on processing them and dealing with them with some permanency.

Finally, counselling will free you from your avoidant behaviours and their associated  causes enabling you to become empowered to implement long-term positive changes in your life and move towards a more successful, meaningful, self-controlled and happy life.

How to find the right counsellor

Finding the right counsellor can be a difficult task but it is very important to get it right. Your life and your future is very important so please treat this process accordingly. Spending the time to find the right counsellor for you will have a massive impact on the chances of fixing your problems as well as finding the underlying cause to similar problems do not resurface down the track.

How to find a local counsellor in Brisbane

Firstly, it is important to find a local counsellor so that you don’t have to travel an hour or so to get help unless you live in a very small town and are worried about your privacy. However, if you live in Brisbane then you will have plenty of choice not too far from where you live. I would say travel up to 30 minutes to get counselling. If you cannot find a counsellor within a 30 minute drive of your home, please contact me and I will happily refer you to someone. Simple start by googling something like “Find counsellor Brisbane” and take it from there.

Find a counsellor with good reviews

A good indicator of how effective a counsellor is is by looking at their online Google reviews. Due to the nature of people’s reasons for seeking therapy in Brisbane, you won’t find hundreds of reviews for specific counsellors. Instead you will see that the best counsellors have a handful of honest reviews from satisfied clients. If a counsellor has no reviews then I would definitely recommend starting your search by looking at those who have had some online feedback about their Brisbane counselling service.

Most quality counselling services will have a good website with reviews and testimonials on it. Otherwise, doing a local Google search will show you which Brisbane counselling services have genuine customer reviews. If a listing has four or five stars based on several reviews then it is a good indication that there is a good service on offer. If a counsellor has just one or two stars based on a single review then it might not mean that they are bad, they could have had a difficult experience with a client or failed to build rapport for a host of reasons. If you look at my Google listing I have five starts based on numerous reviews so I am lucky that some of my clients have shared their experiences of my Brisbane counselling service on Google.

Ask questions over the phone or via email

Finding the right Brisbane psychologist, counsellor or social worker for you is a very important task so please do not be afraid to shop around. Do not be happy with only talking to a receptionist or receiving generic emails from admin staff. No disrespect to them but it is important to have some phone or email contact directly with the counsellor of your choice before making a decision. This will hugely increase the likelihood of the therapeutic relationship being a successful one. Remember, some people just do not click. It’s nobody’s fault but totally avoidable if you do the groundwork before booking your first counselling session.

Hire a therapist that is value for money

Work out your budget before you start to look for a local counselling service. Fees can vary massively ranging from absolutely free to over $250 per hour (I charge $130 per session or $90 for concession card holders. I also offer limited free counselling services to those in need who don’t have the means to pay). In my opinion, you get what you pay for unless a free service is funded by Medicare or the government.

It is very important to remember that counselling is an investment that will save you time, money and worry in the future so make sure you budget as best you possibly can and make an investment in your future. If you are a problem gambler or a heavy drinker then counselling will potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Is Your Psychologist, Social Worker or Counsellor is qualified to treat your problems

I know this might sound obvious but always check that a psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist is qualified to treat your presenting problems. For example, a marriage counsellor might not be best equiped to help you with drug problems and a clinical psychologist specialising in depression might not be the best fit for relationship counselling.

Will your counsellor or psychologist be able to relate to your situation?

Look on your potential counsellor’s website and google local page to make sure he or she has experiencing helping people fix problems similar to yours. If you relate better to women then get a female counsellor and if you feel more comfortable with older people them make sure you engage with a therapist who suits your needs.

Best of all, have a phone conversation or at least an email exchange with the counsellor you are considering to get a feel for them and gage if they are the right fit for you. You are paying for a service so make sure you demand a professional and genuine service.

Should I see a counsellor, a social worker or a Psychologist?

Choosing between different types of therapists can be an arduous task. I would suggest doing plenty of research with regards to the key issues that you want to work on and then look at how the different types of therapies approach them. Each school of therapy has its own set of qualifications and levels of expertise. I would suggest always choosing someone who is a member of the relevant peak body such as the Australia Counselling Association or the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (for counsellors and psychotherapists), the Australia Psychological Society (for Psychologists) or the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Seeing a registered and professional therapist will give you a better standard of service as well as the assurance of being a member of a professional body as well as being fully insured for peace of mind. Training can vary a great deal between types of therapist so do plenty of research and don’t be afraid to ask

How much does counselling cost?

I charge $130 per session or $90 for concession card holders.However, across Brisbane, counselling can cost as much as $250 per session or as little as $0.00 depending on your circumstances and who you want to see. Often, the more qualified, in-demand and experienced therapists charge more while the less experienced or government funded therapists charge less. There are also volunteers who offer therapy at organisations such as Lifeline.

How often should you go to counselling?

Most of my clients attend sessions weekly or fortnightly until they have reached their goals. Some clients return to check-in every few months following their initial therapy. However, monthly sessions could also work depending on the presenting issue.

How long does it take to get positive results?

For most issues, you should notice an improvement after just a few sessions. If you are not seeing any improvements then you should discuss your progress with your counsellor. Any good counsellor should notice if the therapeutic process isn’t working and refer clients elsewhere rather than waste clients’ time and money.

If counselling isn’t working for you then try somebody else. Your counsellor will be happy to refer you on to a more experienced or relevant therapist. Do not be afraid to ask for a referral or to discuss any pack of results. I make this clear to all of my clients as I want everyone who sees me to get the results that they want. If I cannot help them then I will let them know as soon as it is evident.